China bans Islamic names for Muslim babies "baby with a banned name will be denied education and government benefits"

List of banned Islamic baby names released amid ongoing crackdown on Radical Islam that includes law against Islamic veils and beards.
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Watch: Flames tear through Mosque in Brooklyn, New York – less than a month before Ramadan

BROOKLYN MOSQUE and a store were totally gutted in a fire.
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OBAMA'S SECRET deal with Iran Has Been EXPOSED - This Is bad!

Bombshell new report finds Obama sealed the Iran nuclear deal by freeing prisoners considered threats to U.S. national security.
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Islamic Prayer opens State Legislative session in Delaware to embrace Islam & Sharia in America

What is going on in Delaware?
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"Peace-loving" Muslim refugees in London burn an American flag & promise to fight the "infidels (kuffar)"

If they do not want to integrate into Western society, they have to return to where they came from.
Sharia has No place in any Civilized Society, the free world must ban Sharia laws.
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Watch: Trump's US ambassador to the UN lashes out at UN Security Council

The UN is nothing more than world hate group of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.
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President Trump "North Korea has gotta behave"

President Donald Trump: North Korea Has 'Gotta Behave'.
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