Shocking Video! Illegal Immigrant Makes THREATS Towards Donald Trump And His Wife Melania

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CNN host Gets OWNED By Ben Shapiro

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Jordan: Murderer of 7 NON-MUSLIM girls released from jail - Thousands took to the streets to welcome him & celebrate "in the name of Allah"

It may not shock you to see how Muslims treat murderers of Jews & Christians in Jordan ("moderate" Muslim country).
A hero's welcome is planned for the Jordanian Muslim terrorist released last night after serving years in prison for murdering 7 Israeli schoolgirls "in the name of Allah" during a class trip.
This video shows the true face of Jordan ("moderate" Muslim country).
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TERRORIST Leading New Women's March - Shame on America!

Rasmea Odeh, also a leader of Women's Day campaigns, has been tried and convicted of the murder of two students in Islamic terror attack in which she placed a bomb in a supermarket.
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Austrian leader with a message to the American people, "we have to solve the dual problem of Sharia laws and Islamic terrorism"

The free world must ban the Sharia laws of Islam!
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Donald Trump fights to protect America with a new travel ban for Muslim-majority countries

President Donald Trump has issued a new executive order, temporarily blocking travel to the US for Muslims of six Muslim-majority countries.
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Oops! Russian ambassador visited Obama at the White House 22 times - CNN does not want you to see this video!

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